The Art of Balayage

French for sweep—Balayage is a technique for colouring hair that’s perfect for the summer. It gives a sun-kissed, natural look to hair by painting colour onto its surface rather than saturating it.

This soft, subtle technique is completely bespoke to every client, but because foils and meche aren’t used your colour technician needs to be an expert to get balayage right. Step in Laurent Bressolles, his experience, skill and attention to detail give his clients great results every time they come to The French Reception. Whether it’s matching colour to skin tone or anticipating the latest trends to create a bolder look, Laurent really knows what makes a great balayage; after all it’s a French technique, so he should.

Balayage may be a difficult technique for the average hairdresser to master but it couldn’t be easier to maintain. It grows out more naturally, so there’s no obvious regrowth line and this means it can be worn for longer between appointments or grown out completely without the need for extra colour. And with our range of Kevin Murphy shampoos, conditioners, and hair products, all available to buy in the salon, your colour will be well protected. 

You won’t be disappointed if you book in with Laurent for this timeless, low maintenance and more natural colour technique this summer.

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