Point Cutting

Point cutting is a technique we often use at The French Reception, it removes bulk from the hair’s ends and creates texture. It also creates an uninterrupted flow of layers and graduation as well as movement in a haircut. As a fundamental hairdressing technique it can be used on both men and women to create subtle or dramatic styles and one that all hairdressers worth their salt will have to master. 

Used on sections of the hair combed straight out of the head, if you’re cut isn’t sitting right or feels a little flat, point cutting can guide the hair into the correct shape and style. The hair should be held in the fingers about four to six centimetres from the ends, so that it sticks out vertically, the scissors are then positioned parallel to the hair.

Point cutting isn’t used to remove length, only to texturise the ends of the hair, cutting slowly with a slight angle will allow the hair to fall more naturally. Approach deep point cutting with care as you run the risk of cutting yourself.


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