Track of the week Penguin Cafe

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This week our favourite track comes from Penguin Cafe. A 10 piece Jazz/Folk band consisting of ex-members of bands such as Suede, Razorlight and Gorillaz, Penguin Cafe formed in London in 2009 and initially to carry on the legacy of band leader Arthur Jeffes father Simon Jeffes Penguin Cafe Orchestra. 

However, Arthur, a talented composer in his own right, quickly began to create new and unique genre-defying music, with the spellbinding philosophy of the Penguin Cafe always in his mind. To date, Arthur’s Penguin Cafe has released two acclaimed albums of fresh, innovative and beautiful music that have achieved the seemingly impossible feat of creating something new and different and still exciting the worldwide fan base of original PCO followers.

Our track of the week—Protection—is taken from their latest album:


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