laurent bressolles // owner // style director


Strong. Skilled. Precise.

Laurent’s cutting style has been honed and perfected during twenty years of hairdressing. From humble beginnings as an apprentice in the back streets of Toulouse—consuming all of his uncle's knowledge, to owning his first hair salon at the age of twenty-two, to the innovative and globally renowned training he received whilst working for one of the five Toni & Guy salons in London still owned by the Mascolo brothers, the first decade of Laurent's career was spent sharpening his craft and improving his skills. Time spent travelling and working in Europe, Asia and at Rokk Ebony in Melbourne, Australia over the past ten years, as well as starting a family and founding Salon 1609 in the south of France, have secured Laurent's place amongst the best of his generation.

Laurent and his daughter Lola.

Laurent and his daughter Lola.

Soft. Subtle. Glamour.

When it comes to colour Laurent’s approach is strengthened by his heritage. The soft, glamorous touch of classic French colour technique underpins everything he does, but time spent in the hip salons of Melbourne and Kuala Lumpa add a flair that is rarely seen this far west.

Whether it’s a wash & blow dry, cut & colour or just a gin and tonic, Laurent's unique style and affability will make each moment at The French Reception time well spent.


beth bressolles // interior design


With a keen and sensitive eye for interior design Beth has created a unique atmosphere for 12 Westmoreland Street. Beth found inspiration for The French Reception's welcoming interior from both British and French colonial design of the twenties and thirties, whilst flourishes of her own outgoing personality can be seen all over the hair salon, from our pet flamingo to the neon sign outside.

The French Reception is a Harrogate hair salon like no other, and this is as true of the interior as it is of the service and style you receive from our hairdressers.

Headshot of a woman pursing her lips to hold a twig to her face

As an ongoing project, The French Reception's interior is constantly updated and refreshed by Beth. And watch this space for news on projects happening in our basement rooms.


ben lewis // art + design


Ben Lewis has been many things and this hasn't changed with his appointment at The French Reception. Working behind the scenes on our blog, Ben's main role is to make sure that The French Reception's brand is contemporary, unique and focused. He also brings with him a knowledge of craft liquor and cocktails as seen in the pantry that adds a new dimension to the atmosphere and experience enjoyed by all of our clientele.    

Foggy industrial landscape

Look out for Ben's artwork and photography on our website and the walls of The French Reception.



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